Call for Papers: “Europeans Online”

Europeans Online:

EU Migration, Diasporas, and Integration

Call for Paper Abstracts for a workshop within the IMISCOE 14th Annual Conference ‘Migration, Diversity and the City’ in Rotterdam, June 28-30, 2017

Workshop of the EU Migrants Network

This workshop is meant to bring together participants of the EU Migrants network, which is inter-disciplinary, inter-institutional and international.

Aims of the workshop

  1. Present original and current research contributions on intra-EU migration in a variety of national contexts, and subject presentations to rigorous academic scrutiny;
  2. Discuss the contributions to an edited volume with the working title ‘Europeans Online: EU Migration, Diasporas, and Integration’ on the basis of presentations and work ongoing within the network.

Participating in the volume without attending the Rotterdam workshop is also possible.

The collected volume aims to explore the way EU migrants engage with each other and with their host societies through formal and informal online networks. Online networks and online social media have featured quite prominently in EU migrants’ testimonies on their participation in civil society and diaspora initiatives. We have been able to flag the use of online networks for the purposes of mobilization, integration, socialization, protest, information gathering, consultation, etc. We would like to study the role of online engagement of EU migrants within the context of belonging, contestation, and integration.

We are looking for contributions that engage with this overall theme either as a research method or as a subject of research. They may focus on one particular group of EU nationals (or several) or on a particular aspect of EU migrant engagement. They can be empirical or theoretical. The contributions can address, but are not limited to, the following questions:

Do EU migrants integrate with their host societies? How? To what extent? What are the limitations?

Are EU migrants expected to integrate by their host societies’ institutions, governments, societies?

Do online networks/ engagement play a part in the above processes? How?

If you would like to participate in the workshop and/ or publication, please e-mail an abstract of approx. 300 words (including key words) to by 19th April 2017.