Network Events 2017-18


EU Migrants Network Panel

The Rules of Disengagement: EU Migrants in the UK Online and on the Ground

Hosted at the ISA 59th Annual Convention
April 4th – 7th, 2018, San Francisco, California, USA

The aim of this panel is to examine the legal status and societal position of EU migrants living in the UK in the context of disengagement of the UK from the European Union. The rules governing the status and position of EU migrants in the UK is changing, and so is the way they communicate with each other, mobilize, resist or assimilate, online and on the ground. The panel presenters source generously from their empirical work on EU migration in the UK, including longitudinal surveys and qualitative evaluation through focus groups and semi-structured interviews, to illustrate their arguments challenging mainstream understanding of migrant integration and the politics of belonging within the nation-state. In particular, the papers are interested in the way the rules of disengagement foster a sense of commonality around a shared European identity, despite the complex and numerous differences individual migrants and migrants group display. The shared identity is constantly challenged and contested, but seems to appear from within the very context of disengagement. European integration, as well as European disintegration, can foster a European identity.

Chair: Dr Ronald Ranta, Kingston University London, UK

‘Does Brexit matter?  On-line discourses of Polish migrants within changing political context of post-referendum Britain’, Dr Aleksandra Galasinska, University of Wolverhampton.

A return to ‘settlement’? The effect of Brexit on the civic integration of EU migrants in the UK, Dr Chris Moreh, University of Southampton.

Between Brexit and the Constitutional Referendum: what is at stake for Italians in the UK? Dr Giuseppe Scotto, Liverpool John Moores University.

For the First Time Here in This Country I Felt like an Immigrant: Identity, Citizenship and EU Immigration after the UK-EU Referendum, Dr Eleanor Knott, London School of Economics.

EU Migrants in the UK: Perceptions of Integration and Challenges of Belonging, Dr Nevena Nancheva, Kingston University London.