The project EU Migrants in the UK is hosted by Kingston University London’s Centre for Research on Communities, Identities and Difference and co-financed by a British Academy/ Leverhulme Trust research grant. The project seeks to outline, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the phenomenon of migration from the EU within the national context of the UK. The project’s focus is the impact of migration on EU migrants’ identities, their sense of belonging and their place in British society and in the wider European context. Two leading research questions inform this stage of the project:

  1. How EU migration fits into traditional theoretical assumptions about migration?
  2. How has migration to the UK impacted EU migrants’ sense of identity and belonging?

The project EU Migrants in the UK was launched at a critical time for the European project and the future of EU migration to the UK – the UK 2016 referendum on the relationship with the EU. In this context, the status (legal as well as social) of EU migrants, in the UK and elsewhere, acquires a new urgency.

Project leaders are Dr Nevena Nancheva and Dr Ronald Ranta from Kingston University London.