Events 2016-17


12-14 July 2017 Council for European Studies 24th International Conference

Panel EU Migrants in the UK After the Brexit Vote: Perceptions and Challenges to Belonging


11-12 July 2017, Kingston University London

Migration and Citizenship Conference

Keynote address: Prof Anna Triandafyllidou, European University Institute


5th July 2017, Network Conference at Kingston University London

EU Migration after Brexit

Keynote address: Prof Russell King, University of Sussex


28-30 June 2017, IMISCOE 14th Annual Conference in Rotterdam

Workshop ‘Europeans Online: EU Migration, Diasporas, and Integration


10-12 April 2017, PSA Annual Conference in Glasgow hosts a Panel

EU Migrants in the UK: Perceptions and Challenges of Belonging

See details of the panel here.


15th February 2017, Network Event 2

Kingston University London, PR.JG.1006

Invited Speakers:

Dr Gabriela Elgenius, University of Gothenburg/ University of Oxford

The Polish Diaspora and Civil Society in the UK

Mr Marley Morris, Institute for Public Policy Research

The future of European free movement and paths to citizenship


30th November 2016, Network Event 1

Kingston University London, PR.JG.1006

Keynote address:

Dr Jon Fox, University of Bristol

‘Pathological Integration: East Europeans, Racism and Becoming British’